The Executive Suite

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Executive Suite
Strategy Strategy map and Balanced Scorecard Cascade Risk Scorecard Strategic Process & Project Analysis Employee Engagement OKRs Strategic Process Improvement


Brett Knowles walks you through the pm2Consulting "Executuve Suite" Strategy Development module.

Strategy map and Balanced Scorecard

Brett Knowles describes the Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard modules of the pm2 Executive Suite.


Brett Knowles explains some of the mechanisms in the Cascade Strategy module of the Pm2 Executive Suite.

Risk Scorecard

Brett Knowles, Founder of pm2Consulting, explains some of the key aspects of the Risk Scorecard modules of the Executive Suite and how it is developed.

Strategic Process & Project Analysis

Brett Knowles explains how the pm2 Executive Suite provides organizations with a quick and effective strategic analysis of their activities.

Employee Engagement

Brett Knowles provides an explanation of what drives employee engagement and how it fits into the Executive Suite.


Brett explains how OKRs should be developed - with the aid of the strategy cascade and role clarity.

Strategic Process Improvement