Pm2 OKR Workshops

Over our last 3000 Clients, we've perfected rapid implementations

Customized, one-week OKR workshops with all fees and dates up-front

35 years of experience in every sector, around the world.

We transfer our knowledge into your organization

Master OKR skills the first time around

The power of our services comes from our unique workshop format

Over our last 3,000 projects, we have developed a series of award-winning two, three and five-day hands-on workshops. We can work together through our most popular workshops, or you can custom-build yours to best suit your needs.

The benefits include:

  • We develop your internal team so they understand and own your OKR solution – you won’t need additional consulting services
  • Create momentum by quickly delivering a working solution
  • Generate strong ownership – because your team builds it, they own it, rather than being imposed by an external consultant
  • You can start anywhere – at the top of your organization, in a region, for a product, or for a specific team
  • Take away the risk of buying consulting services through our fixed prices and guaranteed results
  • Minimize the time it takes to create your OKR solution, both with senior leadership and the rest of the organization
  • We provide a lower total cost solution with better end quality

Driven Employees

We deliver our OKR services in exciting workshops that both trains your team and builds your OKR solution. We can also provide on-going coaching and meeting facilitation until you get the swing of things.

Unmatched Experience

We have been involved in some of the largest OKR implementations in the world, as well as countless start-ups and high-growth organizations. Our work has been widely published and we are frequent international speakers on the “how-to” of OKRs.

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