Managing in a Post COVID-19 World

Getting ahead, and staying ahead of COVID-19 requires organizational agility.

The human tragedy that we are currently experiencing has led to extremely rapid changes to the global landscape of business. There is a call for us to understand and address the challenges that COVID-19 represents, build near-term resilience, and create the new normal for our businesses.

As your teams shift to this new world of work, you must support them in every way you can – both for your employees’ and organization’s wellbeing.

Although this is an event the world has never seen before, there are ways to prepare yourself for operating through these uncertain times. Whether it’s setting up an effective online workforce, developing strategies that are able to evolve, or building more robust risk management practices, we can help.

Managing Through COVID-19 Workshop

  • Develop new strategy
  • Cascade strategy through OKRs
  • Establish remote management practices
  • Launch
  • Coach

Current Strategy & OKR Assessment

  • Strategy assessment
  • Objective assessment
  • Key Result Assessment
  • Recommendations

COVID-19 Strategy Development Workshop

  • Identify strategic issues
  • Develop response strategies
  • Create scenarios
  • Develop strategy & align

COVID-19 Risk Management

  • Revised Risk Register
  • Strategic risk assessment
  • Establish leading risk indicators
  • Build risk-practices and management
  • Launch