Our Manifesto

Our experience has led us to develop unique approaches that deliver world-class results in a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions - we call this our manifesto. In everything we do, we consider:

  1. Simplifying the approach - 20% of the effort provides 80% of the results.
  2. Reducing the time to results - An 80% gain in a month is worth more than a 90% gain in six months.
  3. Building deep and wide ownership - An imperfect, but widely owned solution is far better than a perfect solutions that is owned only by the consultant and management team.
  4. Being precise only when needed - Unless you are building a putting green, the height of the grass is not important.
  5. Making the process enjoyable - We need to build an activity that the organization will want to do again because strategy is a continuous process.


Our Beliefs

Pm2 is founded on seven beliefs that underpin everything we do:

  1. Thinking harder does not build better solutions - wide involvement does.
  2. All successful improvements are not owned by management or the team. They are owned by the organization.
  3. Think first. Act fast.
  4. Simple is better. And faster. And Cheaper.
  5. Leaders lead, and give grants of authority.
  6. Close is good enough.
  7. Have fun in everything you do, or it will not be sustainable


Leadership Team

Brett Knowles

Brett Knowles - Founder
Brett is a long-time thought leader in the performance measurement space. Over the last thirty years he has worked with Drs. Kaplan and Norton and has had clients referenced in each of their books. Brett has assisted over 3,000 organizations from around the world and in all sectors from AT&T to Zeneca, the IRS to the City of Kingston. His clients have had as many as 250,000 employees and as few as 5. He is the co-founder of the first Balanced Scorecard application, has developed numerous measurement concepts around intangible assets, and has served on countless editorial boards and conference constructs.

Brett's clients have been profiled in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and Forbes. There are over 20 business school cases covering the success of his clients.

Three of Brett's clients have been placed on the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame by Drs. Kaplan and Norton.

Brett is supported by an international team of experts with executive backgrounds from many sectors and functional areas.

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Peter Watson
Peter Watson - Senior Partner
Peter has been working with Pm2 for over a decade and has lead projects in many sectors and around the world. Two of his clients won the prestigious Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame.

Before joining pm2, Peter held line management positions and senior leadership roles in Aerospace, Computer Products and Services and Consumer Products industries. While leading the final assembly line for Boeing he won their internal Performance Measurement and Management award. He has vast experience in the areas of overall operations, manufacturing engineering, final assembly, and program & performance management.

At Pm2 he leads most of the major engagements and is a mentor for our new and experienced consultants. Peter is also responsible for project quality.

Scott Knowles
Scott Knowles - Senior Manager
Scott has been with pm2 for 5 years, working on a wide range of projects to ensure client success. Scott now leads and assists with strategic development projects, Balanced Scorecard implementations, OKR workshops, as well as managing web-enablement and development of on-line tools for clients.

Scott was a lead in the design and development of the pm2 Sustainability Scorecard - a scorecard designed around the best practices of the Balanced Scorecard, and multiple business-related sustainability frameworks (GRI, IR, Future-Fit, BCorp, etc.)


Pm2 draws upon a team of over 100 performance measurement and management experts to deliver our methodology. Our roster of consultants, typically retired “C-level” executives – and often previous clients – bring their extensive real-world experience to their projects. These “consultants” would be rated as “Partners” at the large consulting firms! (We do not use freshly graduated MBA students!)

We match industry, situation and language/cultural requirements so that you get the best support for your project.

These consultants are trained and guaranteed by Pm2, but typically run their own ‘single-shingle’ consulting practice.

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