Risk – Executive Suite

Risk - Executive Suite

Executive Summary

Risk eats strategy for breakfast (lunch and dinner!)… but all risks are the off-spring of strategy. More simply, every strategic decision creates both new risks and reduces other risks. Without seeing your strategy and/or risks in near real-time, you are flying blind as you make your day-to-day decisions.

Final Deliverable - The Risk Scorecard

The recipe is straight-forward...take strategy + risk, mix it with your organization's knowledge and key risk indicators...and Presto! A tool to see and manage risk and reward at the same time...and in real-time. (Why didn't we think of this sooner?).
...and the cool part is: you already have everything needed to build your Risk Scorecard already!

Development Process



  1. Top-Down risk assessment
  2. Bottom-up risk assessment
  3. Risk scorecard

    In which risks are scored with respect to their strategic impact and actual level of occurence

Time Requirements

  • Senior Leadership - 3 hours Top-down assessment, 1 hour final report-out
  • Cross-functional team - 30 hours


  • Strategy map
  • Drill-down KPIs