Objectives and Key Results

The power of our services comes from our unique workshop format:

Over the last 3,000 projects, we have developed a series of award-winning two, three and five-day hands-on workshops.  Our most popular workshops are listed below, or you can custom-build yours to best suit your needs.

The benefits include:

  • Developing your internal team so they understand and own your OKR solution, so you don't need additional consulting services
  • Taking the risk out of buying consulting services, through our fixed prices and guaranteed results
  • Minimizing the time it takes to create your OKR solution, both with senior leadership and the rest of the organization
  • Providing a lower total cost solution with better end quality

Learn more about our thought leadership on how to implement objectives and key results, including our highly recommended 5 step process.



Develop, Build & Launch

Assess & Improve

Running your OKR Process

1-Day OKR Pilot Workshop

  • Education and proof-of-concept
  • Up to 20 students

5-Day OKR Pilot Workshop

  • Trained team
  • Working OKR solution
  • Up to 20 participants

3-Day OKR Review & Improve Workshop

  • Trained team
  • Refreshed OKR solution

6-Month Coaching

  • Structured Coaching
  • Meeting facilitation support

$10,000 USD

$35,000 USD

$25,000 USD

$25,000 USD

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Build a Performance Culture

Create Driven Employees

We have been involved in some of the largest OKR implementations in the world, as well as countless start-ups and early growth organizations. Our work has been widely published and we are frequent international speakers on the “how-to” of OKRs

We deliver our OKR services in exciting workshops that both train your team and builds your OKR solution. We can also provide on-going coaching and meeting facilitation until you get the swing of things.