November 20-22

3-Day OKR Workshop

OKRs - More than just a list


You probably have heard of OKRs, and on the surface they are a simple concept. Putting that concept into practice on the other hand... Not so easy! The goal of this course is to enable you to

  • Get the right strategy for your organization
  • Assess strategic processes and projects
  • Align OKRs to your strategy
  • Cascading from Corporate to Individual OKRs
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Learning the best practices to make OKRs successful in your organization (It's not all in John Doerr's book)

$1,500US Per Person

Includes 3-Day Workshop, Lunch and Snacks

Downtown Toronto Location

25 York St, Toronto, ON, M5J 2V5

Extra Learning Videos on OKRs

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